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Aurangabad CityFrom its earliest days, Aurangabad has been a bustling hub of arts, cultural and commerce that welcomed other cultures with open arms. Learn more about this lovely City of Gates, including the rich history and current development or jump straight to the modern day and find out about the city’s architecture and why it is the fastest growing city of Asia!

Aurangabad History & Culture

The history of Aurangabad stretches back to the 16th century, when prince Aurangazeb was appointed Viceroy of the Deccan for the second time, he made this city his capital and called it 'Aurangabad'; Since then the city came to be known as Aurangabad.

The original name of Aurangabad was Khadki (Window), founded in 1610 by Malik Ambar. When Fateh Khan, Malik Ambar's son turned successor in 1626, he gave the city the name 'Fatehpur' and come to known as Aurangabad on the name of Aurangazeb.

The walls which enclose the central part of the city were added by Prince Aurangzeb in 1686. Most of the monuments in Aurangabad are of the Mughals and Maratha period. Aurangabad, The heritage hub of Maharashtra, is better known as the 'City of Gates'. There are to 52 towering Darwazas (Gates), out of which very few are presently are in good condition, mostly constructed by Aurangzeb during his over-stay in the Deccan. There are four main Darwazas leading into the city, which along with nine secondary darwazas formed part of the defense systems of the city.

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Aurangabad as an Industrial Hub

Today Aurangabad is a lively city of Maharashtra with various big and small industries, fine silken textiles, and wonderful hand woven brocades of silver and gold fabrics, Himroo of world frame.

Aurangabad has a renowned industrial area and is divided into four zones namely Chikalthana, Waluj, Chitegaon & Shendra.

The major industry sectors in Aurangabad are Automotive, Auto Components, Pharmaceuticals, Breweries, White goods/Appliances and IT industries. Major companies that have unit in Aurangabad are Bajaj Auto, Wockhardt, Shreya Life Science, Orchid, Lupin, Atra, Videocon, Nirlep, Skoda Auto, Colgate Palmolive, Endress+Hauser, Good Year and Siemens.

Modern Aurangabad

In the recent fast paced city development Big and small shopping malls has been popped up in various places around the Aurangabad city. Malls like Biz Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, EasyDay, Pronzone, Wal-Mart etc has setup their shops in the city where you can get all kind of branded and non branded fashion collection, vegetables, groceries and everything which is used in day to day life of a common person.

And when it comes to eating there are much to choose from like Dominos Pizza, KFC etc and you will find branded "Wada Pav" stall at most of the crowded areas in the city like Aurangpura, Gulmandi, Connaught Garden, Nirala Bazaar, Osmanpura, City Chowk, Samarth Nagar etc.

And now there is a real big project coming to Aurangabad i.e Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, which will make Aurangabad city to become booming industrial zone and one of the fastest developing city in the whole Asia!

How to reach Aurangabad by Flight
The only airport is at Aurangabad is Chikalthana Airport, which is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad.

How to reach Aurangabad by Rail
Aurangabad is well conntected with major cities via railways, there are daily trains between Aurangabad and Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderbad.

How to reach Aurangabad by Road
Aurangabad is in center of Maharashtra state and you can visit the city via car or bus. Pune is 230 km from Aurangabad, Mumbai is around 300 km and hyderabad is 500 km approximate.

Aurangabad Facts & Figures

Name: Aurangabad takes its name from the last Mughal emperors, Aurangzeb. Aurangabad is the fastest growing city in the Asia!
District: Aurangabad
Region: Marathwada
State: Maharashtra
Population: Approx 1.7 million (17 Lacs)
Pin Code: 431001, 431003, 431005 etc
Distance from: Mumbai to Aurangabad - 300 kilometers approximate

Pune to Aurangabad - 220 kilometers approximate

Delhi to Aurangabad - 1000 kilometers approximate

Hyderabad to Aurangabad - 510 kilometers approximate
STD Code: 0240 or 240
Vehicle Code: MH 20
Languages: Hindi, Marathi, Urdu
Latitude & Longitude: 24.45N 84.18E
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30)
Area: Approx. 300 square kilometers (120 sq mi)
Famous for: Heritage / Aurangabad is the only place which has 2 world heritage sites i.e. Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves.
Airport: Chikalthana Airport, Aurangabad
Railway Station: 2 main Railway Stations one is Head/Main Railway station, Mukundwadi Railway Station
Bus Stand: 2 major Bus stand, one at Central Bus Stand (CBS) and second one is at Cidco, API Corner
Hospitals: Ghati (Government Medical College), MGM (Mahatma Ghandi Mission Hospital), Bajaj Hospital, Dhoot Hospital, Hegdewar Hospital

Although March, April and May are holiday season (most of the school & colleges are shut downs during these months) in India, but the temperature is really high during these months i.e. between 37 °C to 44 °C making the weather really hot and humid making it difficult to travel around the caves.

Aurangabad Architecture

Aurangabad is best known for its old and historical houses and monuments, but the city has seen some really fast and modern day architecture in recent years that makes Aurangabad one of the fastest developing city in whole Asia!

Aurangabad Weather

As in all around the India, Aurangabad too has 3 seasons, namely Winter, Summer and Monsoon.

Winter: Winter starts from November to early February which is really pleasant and normally the best time to Visit Aurangabad. The minimum temperature during these periods is 10 °C and the maximum is around 20-30 °C.

Summer: Summer season starts from early February to May and normally hot with temperature hovering around 20-40 °C and at the ending months i.e. April and May sometimes the mercury levels darting beyond 40 °C. Tourists those do not used to hot conditions are advice not to visit Aurangabad during this season.

Monsoon: monsoon starts from June to September and generally good rainfall take place in this season. There are still many areas full with forests and fields makes the scenic regions more beautiful. Nature and greenery lovers and photographers can get really stunning natural snapshots during this season. However, it’s better to carry umbrellas & raincoats, to protect yourself from the heavy rains which normally happens during mid of the monsoon season i.e. July-August.

Nature & Greenery

Aurangabad is full of greenery in and around the city, where you can find best naturally enchanting places to relax and have fun, the best place for a picnic or get to gather, you can hike through the hills or marvel at various fields and/or maze.

What is best time to visit Aurangabad City ?

Aurangabad has modest temperature with low humidity neither too cold nor too hot and the best time to visit the Aurangabad is from October to March. when the day temprator is around 26-32°C and at night as low as 10 °C which is is pleasant and mostly dry and suitable for going out for sightseeing roaming around the city.